YouTube Contest Terms and Conditions

We are giving away a Shanling M0 hi res audio player and a pair of Shanling ME100 earphones! See below for rules and instructions on how to enter!


We’re running a giveaway to coincide with the release of our new video on hi res audio! To enter, watch our giveaway video and make sure you’re subscribed to the Hifiheadphones YouTube channel. Then, follow the instructions in the video. Best of luck!


    1. YouTube’s Community Guidelines must be followed and adhered to at all times. Violation of these terms at any time will result in entrant’s disqualification.
    2. YouTube’s Terms of Service must be adhered to at all times. Violation of the ToS will result in entrant’s disqualification.
    3. Hifiheadphones’ Terms and Conditions must be adhered to at all times. Breach of these terms will result in the entrant’s disqualification.
    4. Hifiheadphones are solely responsible for the content, facilitation, and fulfillment of this contest.
    5. Neither YouTube nor any of their affiliates or subsidiaries are involved in any way with this competition or with Hifiheadphones.
    1. To be entered into consideration to win, users must complete BOTH:
      1. Be subscribed to the Hifiheadphones YouTube channel
      2. Leave a comment as prescribed by the content of this video.
    2. Contest will commence with this video going live and will terminate on 30/06/2019.
    3. After this date, winner will be randomly selected out of all entrants who have completed both requirements. Only one entry will be accepted per user. Should no entrants fulfill both requirements, no winner will be selected.
    4. Winner will be publically acknowledged by one or more of the following: YouTube comment, in-video acknowledgement, newsletter email.
    5. Winner will be given instructions to claim their prize via the Hifiheadphones YouTube account.
    1. Only personal data collected for use will be the shipping information of the winner in order to send prize. No other entrants will have personal information stored.
    2. Shipping details will remain in our sales system as per data protection laws, to be used for the express purpose of providing prize to winning entrant.
    3. No third party software will be utilized to aggregate winner, nor to influence results.

October Giveaway Competition!

Get in the spirit with our Halloween contest and get in with a chance to win an E11C!

(02/11/2018) The Big Reveal!

Good afternoon, you beautiful autumn people. We’re thrilled and excited to reveal the winner of our Halloween competition giveaway, who will receive a SoundMAGIC E11C for their efforts.

So, without further ado-

A big, huge congratulations to…

Pentagram Earphones


We will be getting in touch to send out your shiny new E11C by the end of the day.  Congratulations and many thanks for the laugh!

(15/10/2018) Welcome to autumn!

We wanted to do something to get in the spirit for Halloween, so we thought we’d add a little something special to somebody’s treat bag this season.


Here’s the deal: we want to see how you get into the season. Send us a picture of your Halloween flare (not to be confused with Halloween Flares, unless you’ve done something really cool to your Jet 1s, in which case- absolutely send us that!). This could be a picture of decorations, of some autumn foliage or spooky fog, of you in your costume– anything that captures the spirit!

We’ll decide the winner based entirely on our own subjective, arbitrary criteria and feature the winning photo on our blog (with a runner-up or two possibly included if we can’t keep them to ourselves).

Down to the important stuff- we’ll hook the winner up with a pair of our newest releases- The SoundMAGIC E11C!


You have until midnight on November 1st to get your submissions in- meaning you’ve got all Halloween day to take great pictures- and email your submissions to

The Rules:

  • Submit as many pictures as you’d like! This isn’t a random raffle, but having a backup can never hurt!
  • You must be subscribed to our mailing list to win- feel free to get in touch if you aren’t sure if you’re subscribed, and we can check for you!
  • Hifiheadphones may possibly use any and all images submitted- this includes on our blog, social media, mailouts, and on Please let us know at the time of submission if you have any problems or issues with this.
  • Our personal judgment is final- and completely arbitrary. Our internal team will vote on the winners.
  • We will announce the winner via blog post and accompanying email on the 2nd of November, and will contact the winner directly.
  • Your submission must be your own intellectual property– sending in screenshots of Stranger Things or Nightmare on Elm Street is going to get your entry thrown out.
  • Please keep all submissions safe for work. After all, that’s where we’re going to be looking at them.