Introducing: Periodic Audio!

Wondering who Periodic Audio are and what they’re all about? Let us give you the rundown.

The Periodic Audio Rundown

The family is getting bigger- we’re expecting a new bundle of joy to our homestead in the coming weeks, and to celebrate, we thought we’d do a brief overview of the impressive in-ears on offer from these chemically-conscious can constructors.


What is the deal with Periodic Audio, anyway?

Periodic Audio Brand






As the name might imply, Periodic Audio deal in high-end equipment with a twist- they specialize in highlighting the performance of elements on the periodic table as facets of their design technology.  For example, their earphone range features diaphragms hewn from varying materials.

Periodic‘s motto is ‘Portable audio excellence’, which gives some insight into the brand’s style. You won’t find flashy cases or an abundance of accessories- they prefer to focus all their attention on the IEMs and let the sound speak for itself.


What will we be offering?

  1. The Mg IEM


These bad boys feature a majority-magnesium content alloy in the diaphragm and Periodic advise they feature a bright, clear top end that would help cut through the noise in loud and busy settings.


  1. The Ti IEM


You may have guessed, if you paid attention in chem class- these IEMs feature a 100% titanium foil for the diaphragm. Periodic figure this is their best model for aggressive, fun music- it’s got great responsiveness and strong bass and treble- but perhaps not the most reference-style.


  1. The Be IEM


Anyone get the last one? Well done at home if you guessed beryllium- they boast a 100% pure beryllium foil diaphragm to produce a sound with fun, strong bass and an impressive array of sonic detail.


Get Nerdy

Want a closer look into the science of  Periodic‘s range? Luckily, they’ve got you covered. Each IEM has a full guide to what makes it tick, complete with measurements, readouts, and charts to show impedance and other factors. If you want to know specifically, down to the molecule what you can expect from each IEM, you ought to have a field day here.


So, that’s our glimpse into the future for the day. We’ll be shouting at the top of our lungs about it when these are available, so be sure to keep an ear out. And, as always, feel free to get in touch if you’d like to come visit us for a demo. And bring your chemistry set!



Q: Which genre sounds best on Periodic Audio‘s unique IEMs?

A: Precious Metal. 




SoundMAGIC E11 Now Available To Preorder

We’ve been looking forward to this for a long time, and now you can too- the SoundMAGIC E11 in-ear isolating earphones are now available for preorder.

The SoundMAGIC E11 Is Coming

You know them. You love them. And now, SoundMAGIC is back with another legendary entry into their canon- The E11 in-ear islolating earphones.

The SoundMAGIC E11


The successor to the award winning SoundMAGIC E10, The E11 is an evolution in every sense of the word. Its look and build are more distinguished and more practical- the machined aluminum housing is both substantial and lightweight, and delivers a refined finish. The twisted silver-plated copper cable offers minimal loss of quality while its coating is optimised for avoiding the universally dreaded cable-tangle.  As with the E10, it features a durable angled jack to minimise wear-and-tear.   And if you’re interested in a control with automatic switching between Apple and Android products, the E11C is perfect.


The SoundMAGIC E11C


Of course, none of these physical attributes are as important as sound, and the E11 and E11C  are more than ready to stand up to the competition on this front- expect smooth high-end detail and strong, textured bass, with a broad and evocative soundstage.

Both the E11 and E11C are now available for preorder from the main Hifiheadphones site      ( for the E11 and E11C ) and from the SoundMAGIC site ( for the E11 and E11C ).

Or, if you’re the sort of person that hates surprises, we’d love for you to come down and give them a try in our demo room. Give us a call on 01903 768910  or shoot us a message at and we can arrange a time for you to get real familiar with these. We think you’ll be hearing about them for a long, long time.


Beyerdynamic A2 Headphone Amp

The Beyerdynamic A2 Headphone Amp is a new addition to their range of audiophile headphone amplifiers. awarded the “Red Dot Award: Product Design 2014

Beyerdynamic A2 Headphone Amp

The Beyerdynamic A2 Headphone Amp is now available to purchase from our on-line store. (please call 01903 768910 for further information.

The A2 is Beyerdynamic’s new addition to their range of audiophile headphone amplifiers. Newly developed from scratch and already awarded with the renowned”Red Dot Award: Product Design 2014″, the A2 headphone amplifier does not only impress with its unbelievably natural and powerful airy sound, but also with its clear and high-quality design.

 Beyerdynamic A2 Headphone Amp

Main Features

  • Discrete electronics for best audio reproduction
  • Amazingly natural and brilliant sound reproduction with an excellent resolution and spatiality
  • Two parallel headphone outputs for two listeners to enjoy music simultaneously
  • Convenient remote control for all functions
  • Slide switches for selectable gain and impedance
  • Headphone stand included (can be mounted to the A2) for compact storage of headphones
  • Elegant design with transparent glass cover enabling you to look at the illuminated interior

 Beyerdynamic A2 Headphone Amp,beyerdynamic,beyerdynamic headphone amp,headphone amp,beyerdynamic amp


New DITA Audio Answer Truth Edition

Now availiable, both The Dita Audio Answer, and the Answer Truth Edition are availiable to buy on Hifiheadphones. Or if you need to audition them before purchase, you can book an appointment at our demo room on the south coast near Brighton.!

DITA Audio The Answer (Truth Edition)

Now availiable, both The Dita Audio Answer, and the Answer Truth Edition are availiable to buy on Hifiheadphones. Or if you need to audition them before purchase, you can book an appointment at our demo room on the south coast near Brighton.


The Answer – Price – £399.95

The Truth Edition Price- £599.95

The Answer (Truth Edition) is a new high end in ear headphone from DITA. They have teamed up with Van Den Hul cables to create the ultimate earphone. “Ultra High Resolution”, “State-of-the-art”, and “Cost-No-Object” were just some of the ideas that went into designing these in-ears and it really shows – these are certainly ones to look out for!


Main Features

  • 1 Ultra-wide Bandwidth 10mm Transducer
  • Impedance – 16 ohms
  • Sensitivity – 102 db
  • Customised cable made by Van den Hul


Earsonics SM64 In-Ear Monitor Headphones – Coming Soon!

In-Ear fans rejoice, the lovely new model from French pro-audio brand, the SM64 will be available in our shop very soon!

The HifiHeadphones team are happy to announce that EarSonics have released a new universal In Ear Monitor (IEM) called the SM64, and it will be available to buy from us very soon.

The EarSonics SM64 earphones were made to handle music of all intensities on any device. Absolute control of the audio spectrum, incredible stereo image and maximum headroom will let you crank it up without distorting the sound.

With the new HQ crossover process, impedance corrector and triple driver combination; the SM64 provide a perfectly balanced sound at high volumes, this makes it very musical and accurate.

The SM64 comes with:

  • Wipes
  • Cleaning Tool
  • Soft Bag
  • Silicon Tips
  • Comply Tips