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Final VR500: Exceptional Gaming Performance at an Unbeatable Price

Final, the Japanese high-end audio specialist, has just released the VR500 wired Gaming Earphones. The aim? To deliver an extraordinary gaming audio experience without breaking the bank. Final VR500 Precision-tuned Dynamic Drivers The VR500 specialises in "sound image localization" in order to accurately reproduce the direction of sound. This in turn provides gamers with a three-dimensional soundstage for a heightened sense of realism and immersion. Whether you're in the midst of a battle or exploring a virtual world, Final’s expertise in high-end audio is evident when using the VR500. The VR500 incorporate Final's newly developed precision-tuned dynamic drivers that deliver...

iDSD Diablo 2 and headphones

iDSD Diablo 2 – Out Now!

iFi Audio has just released their all new premium-level portable DAC/headphone amp, The iDSD Diablo 2. Sporting Bluetooth 5.4 & supporting the new aptX Lossless codec, it is the world’s first portable lossless bluetooth DAC/amp combo. Use it at home, in the office or take it with you when you travel! The all new iDSD Diablo 2 is the definitive portable DAC/headphone amp for the most discerning of music lovers. iDSD Diablo 2 Every format at the highest quality The iDSD Diablo 2 is the result of the OG Diablo being thoroughly redesigned inside and out. It has built on...

Audeze Maxwell

Audeze Maxwell Head-Tracking Announced

Surprise! So, it turns out the electronics for head-tracking have always been included in every single Audeze Maxwell that has ever been shipped. The news however, is that Audeze has just announced the beta launch of a firmware upgrade that finally enables said head tracking support - which will at first be compatible with the Dolby Atmos® Renderer for professional mixing. Audeze Maxwell Head-Tracking Support - Press Release Los Angeles, CA - Oct 25th, 2023. Audeze, a leading premium headphone manufacturer, is proud to announce the beta launch of a significant firmware upgrade to its award-winning Maxwell headset - head...

Brand Story: iFi Audio

Brand Story: iFi Audio

iFi audio is an award-winning audio tech company with one aim in mind – "to improve your music enjoyment". Founded in 2012, iFi Audio continues to be at the forefront of technological innovation and continues to release products that make a real difference to their customers lives. iFi Audio manufactures a plethora of high quality portable audio devices from AMPs to DACs, DAPs, Power Adapters, Digital Enhancers, Cables, Connectors and and the like. This year alone they have revolutionised the stratospheric Wireless Earphones category with their GO Pods.

Am Pro X 30

Westone Audio AM PRO X Announced!

Avaliable from 15th August 2023! The Westone Audio AM PRO X series is designed for the stage performer who wants it all. The AM PRO X earphones provide artists with a monitoring system that offers a carefully balanced mix of audio as well as feedback from the audience & fellow performers on stage.

Cleer Audio ARC II SPORT – Out Now!

Cleer Audio ARC II SPORT – Out Now!

Following the runaway success of the Cleer Audio's open ear Arc earphones, the Cleer Arc II SPORT has taken the concept of an open wireless earphone to a whole new level. The new Arc II SPORT is superior to its predecessor in every single way. It has a longer battery life, a better, even more secure fit with an improved earhook design and supports wireless hands free and head gesture controls for answering calls and the like. This earphone has been designed from the bottom up for those who want to listen on the move. Whether it be commuting to...

Final AG + Dragon-Ball-Z Frieza

Final x Dragon Ball Z Frieza Review

These earphones are currently my favorite set and ones that I use daily. The voice prompts are from the original Japanese voice actor for Freiza from Dragon Ball Z and they make me cower in fear every time I put them in. They are extremely comfortable in my ears, so comfortable I could use them as earplugs in bed even. They sound really good too and have a simple elegance to them. The case is smooth and the rectangular shape sits in my pocket without fuss. Never had an issue with the bluetooth. Really, another must have for any DBZ...

64 Audio U4s

Pre-Order The 64 Audio U4s Today!

Fantastic news for all you Audiophiles out there. The 64 Audio U4s is now available for pre-order with Hifiheadphones. Priced at £1099.00, it comes with every Apex module, Including the all new m12 apex module which is currently exclusively available with the all new U4s. 64 AUDIO U4s Pre-Order the 64 Audio U4s Now! U4s sounds light on its feet while effortlessly delivering physically engaging sub-bass without bleeding into the mid-bass. Balanced mid frequencies and a pleasant high-mid band respond well to a wide array of music and recording styles at every volume level; present but not fatiguing. The tia high-driver’s...

Final x Dragon Ball Z Review

Final x Dragon Ball Z Review

Final have teamed up with Dragon Ball Z. Yes, you read that right! The result of this collaboration are 3 unique pairs of earphones inspired from the characters Goku, Vegeta and Freiza from the legendary anime Dragon Ball Z. This review will be focusing on the Vegeta version (although Goku sounds exactly the same, other than the prompts). A must have for any Dragon Ball fan, these earphones are not just about aesthetics. The focus on sound quality and modern specs...

Audeze Maxwell Review

Audeze Maxwell Review

The Audeze Maxwell is a revelation. The battery life is superb. The imaging is vivid and the soundstage is incredible. The wireless connections are solid and the microphone clarity is just one of the many cherries on top. You really can wear these for hours at a time and you will always get a genuine, immersive gaming experience from them.

All new Trifecta

Trifecta “Astral Plane” Now on Pre-order!

Introducing Campfire Audio's new iteration of the Trifecta, the `Astral Plane´. Available March 2023! The new generation of IEM's released by Campfire Audio in 2023 have realised their new vision. The new Trifecta looks fantastic. It also brings Captain Francis Aristarchus' latest discovery to a whole new audience. Campfire Audio Trifecta Astral Plane Campfire Audio Trifecta `Astral PLane´ The Trifecta is a masterpiece that is known to envelop the listener in rich, towering waves of sonic impact. Its stunning presentation and head-turning style produce an astounding experience in form, function, and aesthetic. Furthermore, optically clear nylon housing provides a window to...

Andromeda ‘Emerald Sea’ & Solaris ‘Stellar Horizon’ Avaliable Now!

Andromeda ‘Emerald Sea’ & Solaris ‘Stellar Horizon’ Avaliable Now!

Introducing Campfire Audio's all-new Andromeda ‘Emerald Sea’ and Solaris ‘Stellar Horizon’ earphones. Unlike past updates, Campfire Audio has completely redesigned both the Andromeda and Solaris from the ground up. Using newly developed technologies and creating an enhanced ownership experience, Campfire Audio is forever looking forward. Exploring new horizons for a better sounding future.

Final Dragon Ball Z

Kamehameha! Final x Dragon Ball Z TWS earphones Out Now!

Final have teamed up with Dragon Ball Z and have launched 3 products inspired by the iconic characters Goku, Vegeta and Frieza. With original and unique designs, they also incorporate that Final magic we love. The result is a product that encompases the essence of everyones favourite animation from the late 80's- to 90's. Naturally, they sound fantastic too.


Brand Story: Lypertek

With a history of releasing award-winning true wireless products, Lypertek has quickly become a household name. Praised for their looks, functionality, price and application of technology, Lypertek has created a fantastic foundation to build a world-beating brand in the Audio space.

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