heaven 8 gold

Final Audio Heaven VIII Earphones Review

The golden good looks of the Final Audio Heaven VIII are a clear clue as to the sound and the build quality. The temptation to start dancing is great with the Heaven VIII! Soundstage too is incredible; for IEMs, the Heaven VIII comes close to full-size headphones. Imaging and separation is razor sharp also, instruments leap out and reverb decays really give an idea of real space

Audiofly AF120

Audiofly Performance Series In-Ear Monitors and Snugs Ear Docks

Audiofly Performance Series In-Ear Monitors and Snugs Ear Docks. How do the Audiofly performance series with Snugs sleeves sound? As you would expect, the whole range has superb detail retrieval and very impressive instrument separation, calm but with crisp highs. Bass is deep and textured but sits accurately in the mix. A great combination of beautifully designed products.

Pioneer SE-MX9

Pioneer SE-MX9 Review

Hifiheadphones offer superior beats with the Pioneer SE-MX9 Headphones- Superior Club Sound with superb build quality coupled with great street style looks, Pioneer are onto a winner.


SoundMAGIC HP150 Review

The SoundMAGIC HP150 headphones, availiable now at HIfiheadphones £169.99. SoundMAGIC again show that they can produce fantastic sounding headphones for under £200.

Dita Audio The Answer IEM Earphones – Truth Edition – Review

Dita Audio The Answer IEM Earphones – Truth Edition – Review

The Answer Truth Edition is a dynamically driven IEM with a single 10mm driver; Dita Audio wanted to go for the simplest design in order to deliver the purest audio, according to their literature. Since balanced armature technology requires crossovers, multiple drivers and all the related gubbins, Dita went for the less complicated dynamic route.

Dunu DN-12 Trident

DUNU DN-12 Earphones Review

The DUNU DN-12 Trident: This brand is making waves in the headphone world and I can see why – if they put this amount of work into their low priced headphones then I can only imagine what their high end models are like!

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