Sennheiser Headphones – UK market leader?

We are a big fan of Sennheiser headphones here at HiFi Headphones. Sennheiser are the without doubt the headphone & earphone company with the largest market share. Their range covers everything from humble ear buds that replace the standard issue Apple earphones, to sports headphones for jogging and cycling, right through to high end full size Hi-Fi models. With a headphone business that includes supplying specialist headphones to helicopter and jet pilots, they really do have it ...

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Audio-Technica Headphones – stylish new headphone range!

At the Hifiheadphones we appreciate products that sound as good as they look. All too often good looks are not backed up by solid audio engineering.  Audio Technica seem to have got it just right with their newest range of stylish consumer and semi-pro headphones. Check out a wide selection of Audio-Technica headphones at the HiFi Headphones online headphone shop. If you follow the world of professional audio you won't be surprised they sound so good, as ...

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Why should I upgrade my standard iPod headphones?

So what's wrong with the standard issue iPod ear bud headphones? They're good enough for mobile listening, aren't they? Well, at Hifi Headphones we've heard this said more than a few times! We'd normally be pretty quick to offer a different opinion :) If like many iPod owners you've imagined that your standard headphones are pretty good, then you really have been missing out! Unfortunately Apple chose to supply relatively poor quality ear bud earphones with their ...

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Sennheiser Headphones

Sennheiser headphones invariably offer excellent audio quality, good looks and are generally designed to last.  The HiFi Headphones store holds a large inventory of Sennheiser headphones as well as many other high quality brands. Sennheiser are one of the biggest and well known headphone manufacturers with a massive range covering all categories, including wireless headphones, noise cancelling headphones, full size headphones and ever popular in ear sound isolating headphones. Sennheiser have a long history in the audio ...

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Welcome to the HiFi Headphones News and Reviews Blog

Welcome to our news and update blog for the HiFi Headphones Online Store. Check back here often for the latest news and insights into the world of headphone and earphone technology. Alternatively subscribe to our RSS or Atom feeds to receive our blog entries automatically. We love to get feedback from visitors and customers, so if you have a moment please feel free to add comments to our blog entries. Thanks for reading! The HiFi Headphones Team ...

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