Best Headphones 2020: Earphones, On Ear, Wireless, Budget

Here you can see the best headphones, earphones, on-ear, full-sized, Bluetooth, True Wireless and even audiophile headphones to buy right now.

Our pick of the Best Headphones from earbuds to full size, noise cancelling to sports

We know how important it is to find the best headphones for you; whether they are for your smartphone, music player, laptop or hi fi system.

Here you can see the best of the best earphones, on ear, full sized, Bluetooth, True Wireless and even audiophile headphones to buy right now.


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1. 64 Audio tia Fourte – £3599

64 audio tia fourte
64 Audio tia Fourte

If you want the absolute best, and are happy to pay for it – then we believe that the 64 Audio Tia Fourte is the one. With the Tia Fourte, 64 Audio has shown that it’s not about the most drivers – it’s how you implement them. With a combination of 1 dynamic, 1 balanced armature and 2 Tia drivers in a fully tubeless design – the sound is like nothing heard before from an IEM.

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2. SoundMAGIC Vento P55 v3.0 – £89.99

SoundMAGIC Vento P55 v3.0
SoundMAGIC Vento P55 v3.0

The P55 v3.0, as the name suggests, is the third update to this model. The build and design have stayed the same, the big change is to the drivers used. SoundMAGIC has developed a brand new dynamic driver for the P55 v3 – using improved materials to increase performance. Starting with the build quality, SoundMAGIC has done a great job here. 

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3. Meze Empyrean – £2699

Meze Empyrean
Meze Empyrean

The unique construction of the Empyrean was designed with the shape of the human ear in mind. As a result, they enjoy a greater degree of imaging than you’re likely to find anywhere else. Each Empyrean is hand crafted to exacting detail, and that level of precision is not only visible, but audible. 

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4. Lypertek TEVI – £99

lypertek tevi true wireless
Lypertek TEVI

The TEVI is very impressive, especially considering their sub £100 price point. Offering up a smooth and detailed sound signature that is well balanced yet slightly full. Add to that great stability and functionality and you have a True Wireless earphone that is so easy to recommend, go out and grab one now as they are a game changer in the TW market.

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5. Bowers & Wilkins PI3 – £169.99

Bowers & Wilkins PI3

For those after a more premium feel to their wireless earphones, then B&W has you covered with the PI3. Another neckband design, the PI3 will blow you away with its superb build, design and comfort, with only the best materials being used. Then the sound – using the latest codecs you can be sure that you get your money’s worth. To make these suited to running, there are ear fins included with the PI3, which will improve comfort and provide a secure fit for active listening.

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6. SoundMAGIC E11C – £49


We have awaited the SoundMAGIC E11C with some anticipation; with various models already available, what can the E11C bring to the table? We have found the E11C to be a grown-up earphone with a keen knack for giving a clear and accurate presentation across the board.  A truly impressive earphone for the price and in our opinion the new budget king.

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