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Cleer Next Review

The Cleer Next are soft yet detailed with controlled bass and an honest midrange, the treble does lack some bite though Fit and Comfort The Next are a very well made headphone with a mainly aluminium and leather finish, the arms have good adjustment to fit various head sizes and the earcups are deep enough for most ears. The fit is firm and secure but they don't clamp overly hard. Comfort wise I feel the headband could be a little more padded, but the earpads are spacious and soft. They are also a little on the heavier side in terms of weight, which does restrict listening sessions somewhat. Again everyone's tolerance is different so most probably...

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Audeze LCD-1 Review

The LCD-1 lean towards a more balanced sound signature, with a dash of added colour for an enjoyable and easy listening experience. Fit and Comfort The LCD-1 are a small, portable sized headphone with a mainly plastic build to help keep the weight down. The earpads do go around your ears and are quite snug, the clamping force is moderate to retain a secure fit. There is plenty of adjustment in the headband sliders to fit most head shapes and sizes. They fit well and have an understated look compared to higher end Audeze models. Comfort wise the moderate clamping force is noticeable during longer listening sessions, and the small-ish earpads are plush and soft but...

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Etymotic ER2XR Review

The ER2XR give you that signature Etymotic controlled and detailed sound backed up with a helping of extra bass to keep things fun and enjoyable. Fit and Comfort People don't tend to buy Etymotic for comfort, they get them for their isolation and sound quality. The best sound, in my opinion, comes from using the triple-flange tips. These take some getting used to, due to their deep insertion fit, but once you get used to them I don't find them to cause any discomfort over long listening sessions. Their deep insertion also means they fit narrow canals quite well, and the fit is more flush and low key. Check out the ER2XR Compatibility The ER2XR have...

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