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Headphones for watching TV for the hard of hearing

When one person in the household is hard of hearing it can be difficult to reach a compromise over the volume level when watching TV.  It's a common problem and TV Ears headphones provide the solution. While using TV Ears headphones, the television volume can be lowered or muted without affecting the volume of the sound through the TV Ears headphones. "TV ears has made a such a big difference in my life. I now watch TV and films and hear every word better than with my expensive hearing aids." - Mr J Barrett Why TV Ears? With TV Ears...

Beyerdynamic T50p Headphones – a B&W P5 beater?

Beyerdynamic are just about to launched the T50p in the UK - a new portable headphone that is set to compete head to head with the B&W P5. Matt from Polar Audio (Beyerdynamic's UK distributor) visited HiFi Headphones HQ today to give us a first listen. It appears that the high end portable headphone market has recently become the target for the established serious audio brands, with the B&W P5 gaining some very positive reviews and plenty of high profile press.  Beyerdynamic have obviously done their homework and with the launch of the T50p they look set to make their...

Sleek Audio SA7 – high end, durable earphone made from military grade aluminium

Sleek Audio have finally unleashed the eagerly awaited SA7 earphone on the World.  The SA7 is the new high end in ear monitor (IEM) from Sleek Audio with the earphone featuring a milled aluminium body, carbon fibre cladding and dual wideband balanced armature drivers. Built to last, the SA7 earphone will appeal to those who get through high end earphones at an alarming rate. Replaceable cables and a robustly constructed earphone body ensure the SA7 is maintainable for many years to come. To top it all off the SA7 has a digital wireless option that has already been very positively...

Phonak Audéo PFE Reviews

The truly excellent Audéo PFE earphone from Phonak have been getting some great reviews since it's launch.  The PFE (Perfect Fit Earphone) is a very well balanced sounding in-ear monitor earphone with excellent levels of comfort and an easy fit, even for smaller ears.  Supplied with user changeable filters the bass and treble levels can easily be configured to the listeners preference. Designed by Swiss hearing device manufacturer Phonak, the Audéo PFE is a lightweight earphone that fits comfortably in the ear and thanks to a high quality balanced armature driver delivers crystal clear sound. Below is a summary of...

Grado GR8 Earphones – high end balanced armature IEMs

Grado GR8 Earphone Gets UK Launch Grado are well known for their mid to high end Hi-Fi headphones, with the top of the range Grado GS1000i being the benchmark that other high end headphones are measured against.  This last month has seen the surprise release of the first Grado in-ear earphone (In Ear Monitor or IEM) in the USA, with a UK launch set for any time now. The new Grado IEM has been named the GR8 (or GREAT, in case you hadn't noticed).  You've got to love American marketing departments for their often amusing choice of product names (the...

Beyerdynamic Gaming Headphones – MMX300, MMX2 and MMX1

Beyerdynamic High End Gaming Headphones Beyerdynamic have a long heritage of producing very high quality headphones for home Hi-Fi, professional use (studio and live instrument monitoring) and aviation use.  Now Beyerdynamic have just turned their hand to developing a range of high quality gaming headsets and it looks like they are on to a winner! As can be expected from Beyerdynamic their gaming headphone range offers no compromises with build  (still hand built in Germany) and sound quality.  As can be expected Beyerdynamic gaming headphones are robustly made and can take daily use by the most avid gamer. Beyerdynamic's signature...

SoundMAGIC PL30 Earphones Review

SoundMAGIC PL30 Earphones Review

The PL30 was the earphone that got SoundMAGIC recognised as a serious contender in the highly competitive in-ear earphone market. This earphone has been designed entirely by SoundMAGIC engineers and is totally unique to the brand.

SoundMAGIC PL50 IEM Earphones Launched

SoundMAGIC PL50 SoundMAGIC have released the PL50 IEM earphone in Asia this week.  The PL50 is an in-ear sound isolating design and looks like it will be competing with higher end IEMs, such as the Shure and Ultimate Ears range. This is SoundMAGIC's first step into a balanced armature technology earphone and we're really keen to give a proper listen.  We are expecting stock here in the UK within the next couple of weeks. SoundMAGIC has taken the earphone World by surprise over this last year with a stream of new high quality products, including the highly regarded PL30 and...

Home Listening Headphones Review – Staff Picks

Home Listening Hi-Fi Headphone Mini Review We were recently asked to review a selection of headphones suitable for home Hi-Fi listening by Shortlist (a popular mens lifestyle magazine). Below is the selection of headphones we offered with the review we gave: High End Headphones Grado SR325is Review Open back on-ear headphones. Retro design.  Excellent sound with brilliant detail and clarity.  SR325is has won many awards.  Very efficient headphone voice coils (low impedance) means it can be driven by pretty much any device (even the humble iPod) and does not need a dedicated headphone amplifier.  Hi-Fi speakers of similar quality would...

WeSC Headphones – new models available for summer!

WeSC Pickup & Maraca - New Models WeSC have just launched some new models in time for the summer holiday season.  The new headphone models are the WeSC Pickup and the WeSC Maraca. The WeSC Maraca headphone is has a distincly retro design, not that far away from the highly sought after Alp Horn, but is a much smaller headphone and has a headband similar to the Bongo and Oboe models WeSC Pick-up Headphones The WeSC Pickup headphone is the coolest looking (in our opinion) of the new models, with circular ear pieces and funky earpads.  The headband is a...

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