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Campfire Audio Orbit Review

Campfire Audio Orbit Review

The Orbit provides audio that surpasses what the other popular brands would only dream of. Yes, you don’t get noise cancelling or fancy app tech with 1,000,000 features. What you do get is a product made by one of the best in the audio biz, and sound that you would normally need to pay over £1000 for (not to mention have a nice cable, good quality DAP etc…). Nicely done.

Brand Story: Cleer Audio

Brand Story: Cleer Audio

Cleer Audio is an industry-leading manufacturer of high-performance headphones and speakers. The lifestyle brand has become ever more popular since being founded in 2012. With a passion for uncompromised audio and a cleer, dedicated focus on the design of their products and target audience, Cleer have made a huge name for themselves in the last few years.

HiFiHeadphones Top 10 Audio Products of 2021

We have had some fantastic products this year, including the new Audeze LCD-5 which are some of the best headphones on the market. The 64 Audio U6t which brings their most popular custom IEM to the masses for a very reasonable price and the SoundMAGIC P23BT proving that you really can get excellent sound from a budget pair of headphones. We want to hear your questions about audio and headphones, so leave them in the comments and we will try and do a Q&A in the near future. ALL FEATURED PRODUCTS: Campfire Audio Satsuma - Campfire Audio Honeydew ...

Effect Audio Thor Silver II

Effect Audio Thor Silver II Cable Review

Cables are a much debated topic in the audio industry, I am a believer in small changes between cables and that synergy is king. The Thor Silver II adds a little extra sparkle up top without sounding harsh or ruining the dynamics of your headphones of choice.

heaven 8 gold

Final Audio Heaven VIII Earphones Review

The golden good looks of the Final Audio Heaven VIII are a clear clue as to the sound and the build quality. The temptation to start dancing is great with the Heaven VIII! Soundstage too is incredible; for IEMs, the Heaven VIII comes close to full-size headphones. Imaging and separation is razor sharp also, instruments leap out and reverb decays really give an idea of real space

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