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JDS Labs Atom+ Stack Reviewed by Headfonia

JDS Labs Atom+ Stack: Many of us are already well acquainted with JDS Labs because of their widely popular and affordable DACs & AMPs that they design and build. Luckily for us, they recently updated their most affordable Atom line. Now known as the Atom Amp+ & the Atom DAC+ Headfonia checks out what is under the "hood". Message from JDS Labs: "We do not release new hardware for the sake of release schedules or corporate goals. In fact, this announcement was not on our roadmap and JDS Labs is doing well without the need to grab your attention. Of ...

JDS Labs Atom DAC+ Official Release

An immediate successor to Atom DAC. Designed from start to finish with their new Audio Precision APx555 analyzer, Atom DAC+ came together as a contingency plan following the recent AKM factory disaster. We know many of you will appreciate the improvements Atom DAC+ brings: USB and optical inputs, silent transitions when resuming from auto standby, even higher performance, standard support for UAC2 with UAC1 fallback*, and alternative firmware which lets you experiment with a tube-like sound. JDS Labs have also been investing in IP to minimize their reliance on proprietary ICs since well before the global pandemic and AKM shortages. USB ...

Christmas 2022 Gift Guide

Christmas 2022 Gift Guide

We're sure there will be something for every headphone aficionado in this gift guide. We have True Wireless earphones, Gaming headphones, DACS, AMPs, Speakers, even the perfect Running earphones & more! Check our Christmas 2022 Gift Guide out below:

HiFiHeadphones Top 10 Audio Products of 2021

We have had some fantastic products this year, including the new Audeze LCD-5 which are some of the best headphones on the market. The 64 Audio U6t which brings their most popular custom IEM to the masses for a very reasonable price and the SoundMAGIC P23BT proving that you really can get excellent sound from a budget pair of headphones. We want to hear your questions about audio and headphones, so leave them in the comments and we will try and do a Q&A in the near future. ALL FEATURED PRODUCTS: Campfire Audio Satsuma - Campfire Audio Honeydew ...

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