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Final VR500: Exceptional Gaming Performance at an Unbeatable Price

Final, the Japanese high-end audio specialist, has just released the VR500 wired Gaming Earphones. The aim? To deliver an extraordinary gaming audio experience without breaking the bank. Final VR500 Precision-tuned Dynamic Drivers The VR500 specialises in "sound image localization" in order to accurately reproduce the direction of sound. This in turn provides gamers with a three-dimensional soundstage for a heightened sense of realism and immersion. Whether you're in the midst of a battle or exploring a virtual world, Final’s expertise in high-end audio is evident when using the VR500. The VR500 incorporate Final's newly developed precision-tuned dynamic drivers that deliver ...

Final AG + Dragon-Ball-Z Frieza

Final x Dragon Ball Z Frieza Review

These earphones are currently my favorite set and ones that I use daily. The voice prompts are from the original Japanese voice actor for Freiza from Dragon Ball Z and they make me cower in fear every time I put them in. They are extremely comfortable in my ears, so comfortable I could use them as earplugs in bed even. They sound really good too and have a simple elegance to them. The case is smooth and the rectangular shape sits in my pocket without fuss. Never had an issue with the bluetooth. Really, another must have for any DBZ ...

Final x Dragon Ball Z Review

Final x Dragon Ball Z Review

Final have teamed up with Dragon Ball Z. Yes, you read that right! The result of this collaboration are 3 unique pairs of earphones inspired from the characters Goku, Vegeta and Freiza from the legendary anime Dragon Ball Z. This review will be focusing on the Vegeta version (although Goku sounds exactly the same, other than the prompts). A must have for any Dragon Ball fan, these earphones are not just about aesthetics. The focus on sound quality and modern specs...

Final ZE8000

Introducing the Final ZE8000

The audio world has been anticipating this moment, and now the wait is over. Japanese audio specialists final has announced the launch of their new flagship ZE8000 true wireless earphones. Since 2009, final has been at the forefront of portable audio, and their most recent flagship releases have influenced the creation and development of the ZE8000. In 2017, final released their D8000 flagship headphone which incorporated their very own planar magnetic technology (AFDS); developed in-house by final engineers. Later in 2019, the A8000 flagship wired earphone was released, utilising final’s truly pure Beryllium diaphragm driver; again designed and developed in-house. ...

Final Dragon Ball Z

Kamehameha! Final x Dragon Ball Z TWS earphones Out Now!

Final have teamed up with Dragon Ball Z and have launched 3 products inspired by the iconic characters Goku, Vegeta and Frieza. With original and unique designs, they also incorporate that Final magic we love. The result is a product that encompases the essence of everyones favourite animation from the late 80's- to 90's. Naturally, they sound fantastic too.

Final A8000

Brand Story: Final

Coming from Japan, Final is a High-end audio brand with a minimalist style and an aim to give their customers the best in class when it comes to audio quality. No matter the price point. Well loved and with a loyal fan base in its native Japan, Fnal has been making strides into Europe and the USA over the last decade. Becoming a household name for Audiophiles, they have recently broken into the more mainstream consumer markets with their Wireless product range. Winning awards for their affordability, style and sound quality along the way. About Final Established in 2007, Final's ...

Final UX3000 ANC Bluetooth Headphones Review

Final UX3000 ANC Bluetooth Headphones Review

Final have really worked their magic here. Solid build quality, paired with great sound and effective ANC for under £120 is something rarely heard of. Add to that fantastic mic quality and you have an absolute bargain on offer. The UX3000 can be recommend to anyone looking for a portable over-ear headphone.

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