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Audeze Maxwell

Audeze Maxwell Head-Tracking Announced

Surprise! So, it turns out the electronics for head-tracking have always been included in every single Audeze Maxwell that has ever been shipped. The news however, is that Audeze has just announced the beta launch of a firmware upgrade that finally enables said head tracking support - which will at first be compatible with the Dolby Atmos® Renderer for professional mixing. Audeze Maxwell Head-Tracking Support - Press Release Los Angeles, CA - Oct 25th, 2023. Audeze, a leading premium headphone manufacturer, is proud to announce the beta launch of a significant firmware upgrade to its award-winning Maxwell headset - head ...

Audeze Maxwell Review

Audeze Maxwell Review

The Audeze Maxwell is a revelation. The battery life is superb. The imaging is vivid and the soundstage is incredible. The wireless connections are solid and the microphone clarity is just one of the many cherries on top. You really can wear these for hours at a time and you will always get a genuine, immersive gaming experience from them.

Audeze MM-500

Audeze MM-500 Review

The MM-500 tick all the boxes: luxury build, excellent comfort levels and, for me the perfect sound with just the right amount of tuning in the mid-low and high frequencies. For the price the MM-500 are a surprising talented headphone that is at home in the studio just as much as on a home Hi-Fi system. Professional and casual listeners will not be disappointed.

Brand Story: Audeze

Brand Story: Audeze

Audeze was never never going to be a one hit wonder and stop there. Where there is room for improvement, so too is the strive to create that end-game perfection. That's the defining characteristic of Audeze.

Audeze Maxwell

Pre-Order The Audeze Maxwell Today!

Fantastic news for all you Gamers out there. The Audeze Maxwell is now available for pre-order with Hifiheadphones. AUDEZE MAXWELL Pre-Order the AUDEZE Maxwell Now! After years of relentless innovation building the world's best wireless gaming headset, Audeze presents Maxwell, designed from the ground up for serious gamers. Sound quality, wireless performance, and battery life are all pushed to new extremes, along with the latest spatial audio features and multi-platform compatibility. Audeze HQ Award-winning Audeze 90mm planar magnetic drivers A real plus on the forthcoming Maxwell are Audeze 90mm planar magnetic drivers. These have already received a number of awards and, ...

Audeze CRBN Electrostatic Headphone Review

Today we take a closer look at the new Audeze CRBN Electrostatic headphones, these are some of the most natural and detailed headphones on the market so check them out!. Interested in having a demo with the CRBN? Please reach out to us via our contact form (with the dates you are free) here

Audeze LCD 5 High End Planar Magnetic Headphone Review – are these the king of all planars?

Audeze have just released their new flagship Planar Magnetic headphones - the LCD-5. We have taken an in-depth look and listen, and they really are something special with an airy and detailed sound that steers away from the typical darker response Audeze have normally gone for. There is more detail in the upper midrange and they are also much more comfortable due to reduced weight, watch the full video to find out more! Oscar has a written review of the LCD-5 here. If you want to get your hands on a pair, you can preoder an LCD-5 here

Audeze LCD-5 Review

Audeze LCD-5 Review

Audeze's new flagship planar magnetic headphone really are a treat for your ears, with a natural yet almost reference style tuning they hit all the right marks

Audeze Penrose Wins “Best Premium Gaming Headset” from T3

Audeze Penrose: The Penrose are a very versatile and comfortable headset. They have 2 versions witch are optimised for PC, Xbox & Playstation. Overall the gaming experience with the Penrose is superb, with excellent spatial accuracy and immersion. Match that with good comfort and you have all the key features of a great gaming headset. p.s (they also do a great job for music listening) The Penrose is equipped with Audeze’s 100mm planar magnetic drivers, a high-performance microphone, and a 2.4 GHz low-latency lossless dual wireless connection. This means gamers can experience the best in audio quality and wireless functionality at the same ...

Audeze Euclid presented with ‘Innovation Award’ by TechPowerUP!

The Audeze Euclid, a planar magnetic, closed back IEM has recently been doing the rounds in the reviewing world. One stop on the tour has been at TechPowerUP. This is just one of the places where the Euclid has been rigorously tested and extensively reviewed. Deservedly, the Euclid ended up with their coveted "Innovation" award. On top of this the Euclid has also been praised for "fantastic overall performance" and unique design. It has been admired for its "understated finish, which lets the build quality and colour palette shine through naturally." These IEM's really are technological wonder. Audeze asserts that ...

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