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Lypertek SoundFree S20

Lypertek SoundFree S20 Wireless Earbuds Review

For everyday use the SoundFree S20 is a superb true wireless earphone, it's comfortable and convenient to use with excellent sound quality and long battery life to boot. The sound is energetic and fun, whilst having good detail retrieval and separation too.

Campfire Audio Andromeda IEM Review

Campfire Audio Andromeda IEM Review

Campfire Audio have managed to take the Andromeda and make it better. The new Andromeda ticks all the boxes and as a whole package, I can’t think of another earphone that delivers as much in terms of design, sound and features for any price.

SoundMAGIC E11C Earphones

SoundMAGIC E11C Earphones Review

Launched in 2018, the SoundMAGIC E11C is still reaping rewards for being a great pair of affordable in-ear headphones, complete with remote and mic. It's not often that budget consumer goods stand the test of time but the E11C continues to deliver a great sound for an outstanding price.

64 Audio U6t Video Review

64 Audio have released their new U6t, their most popular custom IEM in a universal shell, with 3 different apex modules you get 3 slightly different sound signatures in one package. These have a smooth and natural sound, that really is something to be experienced. Once you've listened to them you will realise why John will find it hard to go back to anything else. You can read Oscars full written review here. If you want more information on the U6t, you can find it here

Noble Audio Sultan Review

Noble Audio Sultan Review

Noble have managed to pull off something quite difficult with the Sultan, an earphone that is fun and engaging with impeccable detail retrieval and air without coming across harsh or unpleasant.

Campfire Audio’s Honeydew & Satsuma Reviewed!

Campfire Audio have taken a less is more approach when designing their newest budgeting offerings. The Satsuma has been fitted with a single balanced armature (BA) driver and the Honeydew packs a 10mm Dynamic driver inside. Both IEMs focus on comfort, fit, and a each IEM has a tailored sound signature to reflect customers feedback. Make sure to read the reviews to find out more! Campfire Audio Honeydew Campfire Audio's Satsuma & Honeydew have been described as “Perfect gateway products to the world within Campfire Audio”. They are both very unique sounding and provide a significantly different listening experience from device to device. If you ...

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