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Final AG + Dragon-Ball-Z Frieza

Final x Dragon Ball Z Frieza Review

These earphones are currently my favorite set and ones that I use daily. The voice prompts are from the original Japanese voice actor for Freiza from Dragon Ball Z and they make me cower in fear every time I put them in. They are extremely comfortable in my ears, so comfortable I could use them as earplugs in bed even. They sound really good too and have a simple elegance to them. The case is smooth and the rectangular shape sits in my pocket without fuss. Never had an issue with the bluetooth. Really, another must have for any DBZ ...

Final x Dragon Ball Z Review

Final x Dragon Ball Z Review

Final have teamed up with Dragon Ball Z. Yes, you read that right! The result of this collaboration are 3 unique pairs of earphones inspired from the characters Goku, Vegeta and Freiza from the legendary anime Dragon Ball Z. This review will be focusing on the Vegeta version (although Goku sounds exactly the same, other than the prompts). A must have for any Dragon Ball fan, these earphones are not just about aesthetics. The focus on sound quality and modern specs...

Final Dragon Ball Z

Kamehameha! Final x Dragon Ball Z TWS earphones Out Now!

Final have teamed up with Dragon Ball Z and have launched 3 products inspired by the iconic characters Goku, Vegeta and Frieza. With original and unique designs, they also incorporate that Final magic we love. The result is a product that encompases the essence of everyones favourite animation from the late 80's- to 90's. Naturally, they sound fantastic too.

Campfire Audio Orbit Review

Campfire Audio Orbit Review

The Orbit provides audio that surpasses what the other popular brands would only dream of. Yes, you don’t get noise cancelling or fancy app tech with 1,000,000 features. What you do get is a product made by one of the best in the audio biz, and sound that you would normally need to pay over £1000 for (not to mention have a nice cable, good quality DAP etc…). Nicely done.

Gravastar Venus Bluetooth Speaker Review

Gravastar Venus Bluetooth Speaker Review

A Bluetooth speaker with all the character of a sci-fi movie and the sound to match. This speaker is as much an art piece as it is a piece of tech, with unmatched build quality, portability, and style. It would look at home in any gamer's space.

Gravastar Sirius Pro

Gravastar Sirius Pro True Wireless Review

The Gravastar Sirius Pro True Wireless earphones impress with impeccable design, build quality and sound quality to match. With dedicated listening modes up to 5.1 virtual surround sound, a very compact form factor and four unique colour options available they siriusly have a lot to offer.

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