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final UX3000 Recommended by Everyone!

final UX3000 : final's foray into the world of wireless audio kicked off in 2022 with a bang. Adopting a rarely used Hybrid ANC system and featuring dynamic drivers that deliver clear and accurate details with rich and vast soundstage. The final UX3000 is an absolute bargain at £120. With a stylish, soft touch "Shibo" finish and support for AAC, SBC, aptX and aptX LL Codecs, this headphone is amazing for any situation. Whether gaming, listening to your favourite tunes, or even just to block out the background hum in the library for that blissful silence rarely heard in the...

Final ZE3000 Video Review

Final ZE300 Video Review: Final have released a brand new True Wireless earphone without gimmicks. Focussed solely on Sound Quality, they feature the latest chipsets and support aptX, aptX Adaptive and AAC codecs. In true Final fashion, they even designed their own driver for these, a small 6mm dynamic driver that offers up a detailed and crisp sound without sounding thin, in a comfortable and stylish housing. Watch below to see Johns thoughts of this new creation with his Final ZE3000 Video Review. Avaliable Now: Final ZE3000 We hope you enjoyed the Final ZE3000 Video Review. If you did,...

64 Audio’s U6t Gets 2022 Underway With Honours

Addictive and sensual: 64 Audio's acclaimed U6t, a universal version of its custom counterpart released in the summer of 2021 has started the New Year with a bang. has awarded the IEM its "Favourite Award 2022". Highlighting the U6t's excellent sonic characteristcs and wooing over its price to performance ratio. The 64 Audio U6t harnesses their apex technology that relives inner ear pressure whilst also allowing a certain amount of noise through. In turn, this also tunes the sound slightly. The U6t comes with the m20, m15 and mX Apex modules, which offer -20dB/-15dB and -10dB of noise reduction respectively....

Audeze CRBN Electrostatic Headphone Review

Today we take a closer look at the new Audeze CRBN Electrostatic headphones, these are some of the most natural and detailed headphones on the market so check them out!. Interested in having a demo with the CRBN? Please reach out to us via our contact form (with the dates you are free) here

64 Audio U6t Video Review

64 Audio have released their new U6t, their most popular custom IEM in a universal shell, with 3 different apex modules you get 3 slightly different sound signatures in one package. These have a smooth and natural sound, that really is something to be experienced. Once you've listened to them you will realise why John will find it hard to go back to anything else. You can read Oscars full written review here. If you want more information on the U6t, you can find it here

SoundMAGIC P23BT Bluetooth On-Ear Headphone Review

SoundMAGIC have just brought out the new P23BT portable bluetooth on-ear headphones. They come with a detachable cable and boom mic. But the big bonus here is how they sound! We're not sure how they are managing all this for under £50, but these are excellent value for money and unquestionably one of 2021's best buys! Oscars written review of the SoundMAGIC P23BT can be read here. You can purchase the P23BT from SoundMAGIC headphones directly here

Audeze LCD 5 High End Planar Magnetic Headphone Review – are these the king of all planars?

Audeze have just released their new flagship Planar Magnetic headphones - the LCD-5. We have taken an in-depth look and listen, and they really are something special with an airy and detailed sound that steers away from the typical darker response Audeze have normally gone for. There is more detail in the upper midrange and they are also much more comfortable due to reduced weight, watch the full video to find out more! Oscar has a written review of the LCD-5 here. If you want to get your hands on a pair, you can preoder an LCD-5 here

64 Audio Duo Dual Driver Hybrid Earphone Review

The Duo is 64 Audio's latest creation, and also their most affordable universal earphone, they have managed to create an engaging and punchy IEM by using only 2 drivers along with some interesting new tech. Oscars written in-depth review of the 64 Audio Duo can be read here. You can purchase a pair for yourself via this link here

HiFiHeadphones Top 10 Audio Products of 2021

We have had some fantastic products this year, including the new Audeze LCD-5 which are some of the best headphones on the market. The 64 Audio U6t which brings their most popular custom IEM to the masses for a very reasonable price and the SoundMAGIC P23BT proving that you really can get excellent sound from a budget pair of headphones. We want to hear your questions about audio and headphones, so leave them in the comments and we will try and do a Q&A in the near future. ALL FEATURED PRODUCTS: Campfire Audio Satsuma - Campfire Audio Honeydew...

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Final A4000 & A3000 Reviewed by Headfonics

The Final A-series is a group of products created in the pursuit of “Transparent Sound”. This all began with the introduction of Final Audios highly praised flagship model, the A8000. Read on for the review of Finals other additions to the lineup, the A4000 & A3000 . It is a known secret that both the Final A3000 and A4000 are IEM's that perform way above their price points. At £100 and £120, you really are getting more than you pay for. Headfonics detiailed review and comparison of both models together can be read here: Final A3000 & A4000 Review Do...

Campfire Audio’s Honeydew & Satsuma Reviewed!

Campfire Audio have taken a less is more approach when designing their newest budgeting offerings. The Satsuma has been fitted with a single balanced armature (BA) driver and the Honeydew packs a 10mm Dynamic driver inside. Both IEMs focus on comfort, fit, and a each IEM has a tailored sound signature to reflect customers feedback. Make sure to read the reviews to find out more! Campfire Audio Honeydew Campfire Audio's Satsuma & Honeydew have been described as “Perfect gateway products to the world within Campfire Audio”. They are both very unique sounding and provide a significantly different listening experience from device to device. If you...

Lypertek Pureplay Z7 keeps getting Recommended!

Lypertek Pureplay Z7 keeps getting Recommended!

Lypertek Pureplay Z7: Currently the flagship model of Lypertek's ever expanding range of TWS earphones, The Pureplay Z7 packs a musical punch. With a triple-driver setup, Bluetooth 5.2, AAC and Qualcomm aptX Adaptive codecs, premium sound hasn't heard anything like it! As mentioned above, Lypertek has incorporated a triple hybrid driver configuration for the PurePlay Z7. With two specially designed balanced armature drivers and one titanium coated dynamic driver inside each housing. This new driver arrangement offers the dynamic range needed to achieve the PurePlay Z7’s superior sound quality. Delivering powerful and well controlled bass, midrange that provides a rich clarity to vocals and...

Cleer Enduro ANC features in Tom’s Buying Guides

Cleer Enduro ANC :A budget pair of Active Noise Cancelling headphones that is perfect for when you are "on the go". Toms Guide has labelled them "The best active noise-cancelling headphones in terms of value for money." The Enduro ANC headphones are packed full of features and designed for comfort. On top of this, they are highly suitable for long listening sessions with their market leading battery life. If you are in the market for a new pair of budget friendly ANC headphones, then these should Cleerly be a frontrunner on anyones list. The Cleer Enduro ANC are the first noise...

Lypertek Pureplay Z3 2.0 – “The best affordable TWS headphones out there”

Lypertek Pureplay Z3 2.0: At £99 these earphones are impossible to ignore. Renowned for their superior sound quality, the new iteration of the Z3 is bursting with new features. Lypertek in general is emerging from the crowded TWS market on top, even having been recently reccomend as "Audio Brand of the Year 2021". The Original Lypertek PurePlay Z3 came onto the scene in 2019 with a bang, quickly achieving numerous awards and was widely considered to be the best true wireless for under £100/$100. With these new updates, Lypertek has managed to take everything that made the Z3 a success and improve on it by bringing...

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